Mastermind Application

Meets every other week on Thursdays for 90 minutes at noon Eastern USA

Only 10 spots are available!!

What’s Included:


At the end of each mastermind meeting, you’ll set a goal for the next two weeks.


If you don’t work towards your goal for three weeks, you will be removed from the mastermind.


Together, we will create a quarterly priority for your business and help you stay focused on it.

Deep Dive Learning

Once monthly, an In Transit Studios leadership team member will join us and deliver an in-depth experts training.

Lifetime Lead Factory Membership*

Maintain your membership for six months, and you’ll gain lifetime access to the content inside the Lead Factory for you and your team.

Book Study

You will be asked to purchase, read/listen, and talk about one book per month.

Apply Today

Upgrade your current Lead Factory membership to a total of only $299 / month for the Mastermind AND continued access to the Lead Factory.

No obligation application.

This is to signify your interest and secure your spot when space is available.

Only apply IF you are committed to making massive breakthroughs and are ready to go further faster with your business.  Seriously!  Read the consent carefully below.  If you miss two meetings in a row or show up and you HAVEN’T worked on your goals, you will be asked to leave the group to make room for someone who is serious about their business.  


Have You Completed Both Course 1 and 2 Inside the Lead Factory?(Required)