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Congratulations on taking the first step in mastering lead generation with my “Creating Your Ideal and Perfect Lead Magnet” course.

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The system I provide in The Lead Factory helps you learn and build a lead gen system that will reduce your stress about the future revenue of your business.

This new approach to teaching proven lead gen strategies helps you attract the clients you want to most add value to and increase your revenue – EVERY SINGLE MONTH

Starting out, word of mouth will get your business off the ground.  But eventually, that sphere of possibility is maxed out.

If you are content with having “just enough” new projects to keep doing what your doing.  Then my friend, you won’t want to enroll in The Lead Factory.

But, if you are tired of being stressed out about where the next project will come from, tired of wide swings in income from the feast or famine roller coaster, and you want to know with confidence your business is going to have work next month, next quarter, and next year; then you need to enroll today!

As an entrepreneur, I’ve learned that at the core of every business are 4 fundamental processes that must be in place.

Aquire Leads

Convert to Client

Deliver on Promise

Collect the Payment

And the entire business system starts with Acquiring Leads.

For me, this was the hardest nut to crack.

I would try pretty much anything I saw others doing.  I would offer audits, install plugins on my website that promised to capture leads by auto-generating reports for people who put in their email, posting to social media every day, pay for ads, etc.

I finally had enough.

I hired a consultent for $13,000 to teach me how to build a winning lead gen system.

And now that I have our systems in place, life is much less stressful.

I can predict income, therefore I can plan expenses.

I know which levers to pull to increase or decrease the number of leads coming in.

A couple years ago I was invited to join the weekly YouTube show and Podcast, Divi Chat.  As a panelist I had the opportunity to share on different episodes what I was doing that was working.

Overtime, I started getting lots of requests for help.

So I started doing some one-on-once COACHING…



And what I share is working for others.


So what is The Lead Factory?

The Lead Factory is a monthly membership program that gives you the clarity and confidence to create, promote, and scale a lead gen strategy to quickly increase revenues to significant levels.

The Lead Factory Success Path

Lead Organizer

In this stage, you are ready to get organized. You’ll gain confidence that you have a system in place to maximize the opportunity of every lead that comes in.

Lead Engineer

In this stage, you are ready to create your ideal lead magnet. You’ll identify your market, discover the need they are looking to have solved, and create your lead magnet and your nurture system.

Lead Marketer

In this stage, you are ready to promote your lead magnet and build your email list. You’ll begin to promote your email magnet and start converting leads to prospects to make more sales.

Lead Analyzer

In this stage, you are ready to scale your results. You’ll have data to review. Ask the right questions to diagnose any issues. And, implement any adjustments required to improve results.

Lead Executive

In this stage, you are ready to delegate elements of your lead gen strategy. You’ll identify what, when, and to whom you can delegate. You will now have more time to work on other parts of your business.

Here’s what you get with

The Lead Factory

Monthly Lead Gen Strategy Deep Dive

Each month get approximately 1 hour of video training on a lead gen strategy.  You’ll also get a workbook to help keep you organized and making progress.  Some example strategies include:

  • Hosting In-Person Events
  • Launching a Local Business Spotlight Podcast
  • Building a Local Business Directory
  • Maximizing Networking Events / Groups
  • Direct Mail
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • and many more

Supporting Resources

Each strategy will have unique additional resources.  These could be step-by-step guides or videos, swipe files, surprise freebies, graphics or images you can use, etc.  The goal here is to set you up to easily integrate the new strategy quickly.

Monthly Unstuck Calls

One week after each new module becomes available, I’ll host a live Q and A to help you unlock your questions and make massive progress.

If you can’t make the call live, you can submit your questions ahead of time and I’ll answer them on the call for you.

Exclusive Facebook Community

Be inspired, find additional resources, and never be alone as a web designer again!

You’ll get access to our private group where you can ask questions, get encouragement, learn from others, and support new friends along the way.

And Get These Incredable Bonuses

Bonus Course One – Lead Organizer

This course is $197 on its own, but it’s included inside The Lead Factory for free!

Imagine if you started getting 10 leads every week.  How quickly would you start dropping the ball on all the different stages someone might be in moving from lead to client?

In this course, I’ll help you get organized so you can maximize every opportunity.

Bonus Course Two – Lead Engineer

This course is $497 on its own, but it’s included inside The Lead Factory for free!

Every lead gen strategy from online to in-person will almost always require the ideal lead magnet.  During this course, we will work to discover what your potential clients want and craft the ideal lead magnet that will start growing your email list right away.

Remaining time to enroll:








You do have options, but

only one makes sense.

If you think about all the other ways that you can learn about lead gen for your business, from applying to schools and trying to get your MBA (at a cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars) to consulting (often at tens of thousands of dollars) to the school of hard-knocks and trying to figure everything out on your own (which can cost you untold money in missed opportunities from using out dated resources).

I mean, you can do those things if you wanted to, but I am pretty sure that none of them come with a money-back guarantee.


You know, I understand that you may have been burned by flashy promises before, but I want you to know this….that’s not who I am.

I take pride in my reputation and it’s the reason I have a steady stream of high-paying clients at In Transit Studios. And it’s the reason we get so many word-of-mouth referrals to this day.  It’s also why our employees stay with us for years.  I give my word, and I keep my word.