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4 Day 2024 Business Planning Challenge

Grow your business through the stages of business growth by learning to develop the 5 Business Processes leveraging my CEO Day Framework

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Live Sessions at 8 am Eastern USA from Tuesday, January 2nd through Friday, January 5th. 

If you started your business all on your own, your business will progress through six stages.  To grow from one stage to the next, you’ll have to work on improving the five universal business processes.  Each time you improve these processes, your business will grow.

The system I am going to give you access to is my proven and working system.  It will help you learn and build a tailored system of what I refer to as “CEO Days”.  Using a series of questionnaires, metrics, and activities that I’ll share with you, you’ll save a significant amount of time not having to reinvent the wheel and rediscovering what I and so many other larger business owners know.

Hi there! I’m Eric

Twice a month, I have to make payroll for myself and my team at my web design and digital marketing agency, In Transit Studios.

This means I need to make sure that we will have enough new cash hitting the bank each week to cover our expenses, pay our people, set aside retained earnings, and pay myself.

What I teach isn’t based on theory, it’s practical real-world tactics that work.

So what does this FREE four day challenge include?

Day 1

The Six Stages of Business

I’ll share with you what the six stages of business growth are, help you identify exactly where you are in your business journey, and give you the key to discover exactly what to work on next to grow your business.

Day 2

The Five Business Processes

I’ll teach you what the five business processes are and show you the questionnaires I use once per quarter to identify where my companies are and what we need to priorities over the next three months to see increased profits and grow that brand.

Day 3


When I started working towards a CEO Day, I was able to only spend one to two hours per month working ON my business.  I was swamped taking care of all the day to day business activities of lead gen, sales, building websites, accounting, and so much more.  But systematically I was able to make progress and reach new business growth benchmarks giving me more and more margins of time and money.  Now, I primarily only work ON my business.  I have a team that handles the day to day.  Let me show you how you can go from overwhelmed, confused, and having that feeling of imposter syndrome as a business owner to being confident, focused, and in charge.

Day 4

The CEO Toolbox

I’ll walk you through the questionnaires I used and use today and how to prioritize what to work on next in your business.    

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